Detective Nick Armstrong has been on the force long enough to have seen just about everything, but he is unsettled when a murder victim found in an alley turns out to be his doppelganger.

As he and his partner, Greg Cooper, set out to investigate, they find that each clue they follow creates more questions than answers and the victim’s identity remains a mystery. The investigation leads them to a secretive research facility, a scientist who is either mad or a genius, and an invention that quickly becomes the center of the everything.

While seeking answers they’re going to have to keep the invention out of the hands of an organization that will do anything to acquire it, and stay alive in the process. A task that proves to be harder the closer they get to the truth.

A mysterious woman in black appears, claiming to know Nick and having the answers he’s looking for.  But she seems to have an agenda of her own.

Can Nick Armstrong keep the device out of criminal hands or will he wind up as the next victim?

Find out in Nick of Time, a thrilling mystery that will keep you glued to every page right up until the end.

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epub, Hard Cover, mobi, Paperback


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