Three Days Gone is now Available

The second book in the S. Hawke Investigations series is now available. It has been a journey, but it has been worth it. I hope you enjoyed The Contract and will give Three Days Gone a try.


When twelve-year-old Paige Walker enters his agency dragging her little brother with one hand and carrying a bag of change in the other, private investigator Sebastian Hawke has doubts about his new partner’s advertising campaign to drum up more business.

After the girl explains she has come to hire them to find their mother who has gone missing a year after their father’s death, they can’t say no.

As the investigation unfolds, a clue left by the mother and suggestions that the father may have been murdered, a simple missing persons case turns into a probable kidnapping, if not worse.

An interrupted break-in at the children’s home convinces Hawke the kids are in danger and he adds protection detail to his list of duties.

Following clues that show a far-reaching criminal organization, can Hawke uncover the truth behind what is happening and reunite a family? Or is he outnumbered, outgunned, and out of time?

All the children’s hope rests on Hawke’s shoulders as he searches for their mother, who is THREE DAYS GONE.


If you have not read book one,  The Contract, the ebook will be on discount for $0.99 May 10th through May 14th from the following retailers:


Apple Store

Barnes and Noble




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