What’s Coming Next

I have been working diligently on my next novel and am happy to say it is nearing completion. What’s it about? Murder of course. Here’s a teaser:

Meet Nick Armstrong, homicide detective. Orphaned as a young child and later widowed, Nick does not handle relationships well because he knows they won’t last. So, he lives the job, the one constant in his life that he can count on.

A mysterious phone call in the middle of the night followed by a call to the scene of an officer down is the beginning of a case that will turn his life upside down. Nick and his partner, Greg Cooper, set out to investigate the strangest case of their careers where every lead creates more questions than answers.

A scientific genius, a mystery woman and an array of other supporting characters take Nick for the ride of his life. With any luck he’ll solve the puzzle and save the day, just in the NICK OF TIME.


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