Title: First Fridays





Genre: ,
Pages: 274

Bodyguard Hunter Reid has had his tire slashed, making him late to work. Not the end of the world because it is the first Friday of the month when the mother and daughters are all going to the same place and his partner, Damien Caldwell, is there.

When Hunter finally arrives, everything has gone sideways. Damien is injured and the women are gone.
A ransom call comes in, demanding the bodyguard deliver it. Hunter volunteers because of Damien’s injury. But when the drop goes wrong and the kidnappers take the money without releasing their victims, Detective Marcel Hawthorne begins to suspect Hunter may be involved.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Hunter sets out on his own to find the girls. Damien goes against the detective’s orders and pursues his partner. And Detective Hawthorne and his task force follow every lead in an effort to recover the victims and bring both bodyguards in.

Can Hunter stay one step ahead while chasing leads and gathering the information he needs to rescue the women before it’s too late?

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