Imagine being identified as the body laying in the morgue, only it isn’t you. Then you find out that it was your own wife who made the identification. And the next thing you know, because you are “harassing” the widow, you are the main suspect in the murder. That is the premise behind The Widow’s Husband.

Allan Tuttle is an author whose life is thrown upside down by deceit and mistaken identity made worse by the fact that he writes under a pseudonym that everyone believes is his real name.

The Widow’s Husband follows Allan’s journey of self-discovery and his desperate attempt to prove who he is before being convicted for his own murder. It also follows the path of his wife, who accidentally becomes the architect of Allan’s troubles, and the extreme measures she takes to keep up the charade.

With a supporting cast of unique characters, each playing a part in helping or hindering their efforts, the story follows the collision course that leads to the dramatic conclusion where only one of them can have what they want.


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